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French Collection

the entire french collection

When James (my chef boyf) asked me if i would like to assist him to France for a Cheffing/ Hosting job, i said yes without hesitating and then repeatedly referred to it as a 'holiday'... until the first day of WORK!

Boy o' boy was this intense! Breakfast, lunch and dinner service for up to 20 everyday involves a heck a lot of washing up. And this was my job. I don't want you to think for one second this is me complaining, i'm not, i just didn't imagine to be doing so much washing up on my 'holiday'.HAhA.

I had just started to create work inspired by consumption before i left for France, so i knew this would be the perfect place to explore this idea. Being surrounded by food, visiting all the French markets, tasting everything! Eating became my market research!

The whole thing was pretty full on, but i did manage to spend at least an hour every other day retreating to my little arty corner.

my little desk

Knowing I wouldn't be able to work on such a large scale i did pack a few A5 sketchbooks with the intention of experimenting outside of my comfort zone and force new ways of working to evolve. The washing up did set me back a bit (lol) as i was hoping to produce one everyday; however i did manage to create 20 A5 studies in the end. And i loved every single one of them!

They are all inspired by food, mostly the food James was cooking in the Kitchen but also others! I had an 'M&S Ham Sandwich' in there even. I absolutely ADORED creating this collection, and it has given be the motivation and inspiration to create more small works. Not only has it developed my art practice, but it also allowed me to sell art at a more affordable price which I was v. excited about!

Thank you to everyone who followed and supported the frenchie collection!

Stay tuned x

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