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Updated: Aug 21, 2019

A little insight into my tool box...

As a frequent go-er to the likes of CassArt, JacksonArt and Colemans my tool box is forever growing; however I do have my beloved staples that have been there since the beginning.

6.5 Inch wide haik brush

Usually used for applying kiln wash, this brush is my absolute favourite. Depending on how much liquid you have on the hair, the different outcome you will get. If the brush is super dry and you have a small amount of paint on it, there will be whispy lines made where the hair is just catching the paper. If the brush is wet with a really liquidy paint you will achieve a nice sweeping, wide stroke. An essential for my large canvases.

Click on the photo to follow a link where you can purchase one for an absolute steal; a 10er!

Speedball Squeegee

Usually used for printing techniques, these bad boys cover a lot of ground with one big sweep. I love using this to cover my backgrounds on canvas, the more I use it the more I realise that there is infinite possibilities to the marks it can create. Get a nice liquidly substance on your canvas and drag away.

Watersoluble Inktense Blocks

The lovely thing about these is they are so versatile. You can draw with them then add water to create a smudging effect, or you can dip them in water then draw with them or even add your water to your page first and then draw into the water! Every way ends up with a different result. Have fun experimenting!

CassArt anything!

I love CassArt shops, particularly the one in Hampstead, London. If you ever find yourself around that area - treat yourself! These Watercolour sketch pads though are what I do all my studies and Animal Drawings in; A1 down to A5.

Rubber Wedge

Comes in all different styles - you can tell which of mine is a golie oldie and which is a relatively new purchase! Similar to the Squeegee but on a smaller scale. I prefer to use this when I am doing the backgrounds for my Animal Drawings as I can get a more precise movement.

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