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the creation of PALETTE

About a year ago now, James and I started discussing ideas of a collaboration, we've worked a lot together in the past hosting lots of foodie tings for other people and we wanted to do something for ourselves!

Food & Art is the ultimate combo. Really, the creation of dishes is an art! I started to appreciate this, the more I watched James prepare food - so much care and consideration. Watching him reminded me of the way I am when I am painting. The more time I spent watching and eating, mostly eating, the more I was being inspired and the flavours and essence of consumption began to influence my work. My work has always been influenced by my surroundings and specific interactions, that this seemed like a natural progression and was providing more of a niche for my practice. Especially around the time when I was working alongside James cooking/hosting a chateaux in France. This was when I created my Fabulous Frenchies!

It was decided we were going to combine our two passions through a supper club come informal art exhibition, where the inspiration for my paintings exhibited, was taken from the particular dishes on the menu for that evening. Wicked, right? Palette emerged!

I can't take credit for the awesome name, that was all James clever boi.

The guests are invited to engage with the paintings and the food on a deeper level in an evening of discussion amongst like-minded people, as they question what they are presented with. A list of the painting titles will be handed to the guest on entry - each title is relating to one specific dish, and throughout the evening the guests can offer their opinions on which painting is relevant to what dish, as this information will be concealed until after the meal.

If you think this sounds sick and you want to feast your eyes and fill your belly's our FIRST EVER !! Palette event is happening in Nottingham on the 9th of March. Tickets will be going on sale on the 15th Feb, keep an eye out on our insta page!


luv, p.bod x

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